Skull and Bones Members

Skull and Bones Members

William H Russell

William H Russell

Skull and Bones Influence is seen from their prominent figures since the beginning of their society. Of their 2 founders, William H. Russell would become valedictorian of the 1833 senior class, found the New Haven Collegiate and Commercial Institute, serve as Major General in the Connecticut National Guard and server in the Connecticut State Legislature. Alphonso Taft would become Supreme Court of Ohio Justice, US Secretary of War, and US Attorney General. He would also father William Howard Taft, 27th President of the USA and fellow Skull and Bones Member. Here is a list of the prominent Skull and Bones Members. For more information, check out the Top 20 Most Influential Skull and Bones Members.


William H Taft - 1878

President William H Taft – 1878

William Howard Taft
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush

Supreme Court Justices:

Morrison R. Waite
Potter Stewart


James Angleton – Chief of CIA Counterintelligence Staff Angleton was appointed in the wake of the Warren Commission’s CIA probe about the Kennedy assassination. Since the Skull and Bones society has deep ties within the CIA, Angleton was the perfect candidate to cover up for his Skull and Bones brothers.
Charles S Whitehouse – CIA Agent and Ambassador to Laus and Thailand

William Sloane Coffin – CIA Agent
William Buckley Jr – CIA Officer
George H. W. Bush – Director of Central Intelligence

US Secretaries and Presidential Staff Members

Alphonso Taft – Secretary of War
John Kerry – Secretary of State and former US Senator
Henry Stimson – US Secretary of War, Secretary of State
Robert A Lovett – US Secretary of Defence
Austan Goolsbee – Chairman of The Council of Economic Advisers for President Barack Obama
Winston Lord – Secretary of State


Prescott Bush

Prescott Bush

23 US Senators, 38 US Representatives
Prescott Bush – Senator from Connecticut and Patriarch of the Bush Family.


Henry Luce – Founder of Time, Life, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated Magazines
Harold Stanley – Co-Founder of Morgan Stanley
Frederick Smith – Founder of FedEx
Averell Harriman – Chairman and CEO of Union Pacific Railroad and Southern Pacific Railroad
Jonathan James Bush – Banker, son of Prescott Bush and Brother of George H. W. Bush