Rituals of the Rosicrucian Order

When it comes to rituals of the Rosicrucian Order, there are four major rituals that are understood. Each of these is highlighted here.

The Zelator Ritual

The Zelator Ritual is the reproduction ceremony that is actually described fully in Exodus and concerns the Hebrew Tabernacle in the entire Wilderness. Prior to the ritual starting, the Neophyte is tested on the actual grade and then must then take a type of ceremonial oath. The Neophyte will then be symbolically brought to options of both sides of the coin: good and evil. Once brought to these options, they are guided through a path that resides between the two, which is referred to as the actual Middle Path of Equilibrium. The the Neophyte is  allowed to go into the sanctuary by walking down the path that has been provided by the Hebrew mysteries.

Rosicrucian Zelator RitualThe Theoricus Ritual

This ritual involves a student that is draped in a black cloth. The student should be in possession of an instrument that represents the Air element. This may be the Air Dagger, if the student has previously constructed this. Another option is a small fan, or anything that mimics the Air concept. This ritual goes through a series of four steps. It is considered a self-transformation ritual, which each student entering the Rosicrucian Order must complete.

The Practicus Ritual

This ritual is defined as the process of obtaining control of the vacillations of one’s own being. Practicus is a Latin word that means “one who takes action,” or “one who practices.” The root idea for this ritual is activity. According to historical documents, those participating in this ritual should member that the term Practicus is not an idle term, but that Action is the actual equilibrium of the one in the House of Mercury and who the Lord of Intelligence is.

The Philosophus Ritual

This is to obtain control of the actual repulsions and attractions of one’s own being. The Philosophus ritual is examined in the methods, rather than results. It involves Bhakti Yoga in order to paint a picture of the majestic and vivid landscape. This is a ritual elevating members to the highest grade within the Rosicrucian Order and involves memorization of syllabus as well as the performing of all other rituals listed here.