The Purpose of the Development of the Rosicrucian Order

Rosicrucian Rosy Cross

Rosicrucian Rosy Cross

Members of the Rosicrucian Order are normal women and men who are devoted to studying and the practical application of the Laws of Nature. According to studies and historical documents, these individuals are discovering, a little at a time, with the use of graduated studies, the huge potentials that human beings have and then are applying these lessons to improve their own lives, as well as the lives of others.

These studies help to discover the harmony that exists in the Universe, which each person is part of. They also work to discover the definite purpose of the Universe and the role of each person within this scenario.

In order to stay aligned with the ancient teachings of the group, Rosicrucian Order members work to expose false concepts and superstitions that have harmed humanity in the past and they also work to promote a larger tolerance and understanding for other people.

What the Rosicrucian Order is Not

While there are many purposes of the Rosicrucian Order, there are also many things that the group is not:

  • It is not a political organization;
  • It is not a religion;
  • It does not operate for profit.

Modern Thoughts about the Rosicrucian Order Purpose

There are many that claim, viewing the world with a pair of Rosicrucian tinted glasses make it seem to be a much nicer place. There are many groups that place ads in newspapers, or posters, claiming to help improve others memories, enhance willpower or even help you overcome bad habits in order to enrich your spirit by helping you to unlock the secret wisdom of the ages.

The fact is that Rosicrucians, much like theosophy and other movements that emerged in America during the 20th century, were a group of individuals who were dissatisfied with the new hegemony of science and disillusioned with the practices of traditional Christianity. In their opinion, science has offered too many answers, which is why they focus on spirituality. Many members have the hope of discovering the true meaning of life that seems to be hidden from other people in the world.