Knights Templar Symbols

steroids for saleThe Knights Templar had hundreds of symbols. Each Grand Master had their own seal and drew from not only the Knights images, but from his own country or family as well. The most prominent and well known symbols of the Knights Templar though are the Cross, Lamb of God, 2 Knights riding a single horse, and the Dome of the Rock. One of those 3 symbols are found on all seals of the Grand Masters for the Knights Templar. Although the actual Relics of the Knights Templar are mostly lost, knowledge of their symbols and meanings persisted through history.

Knights Templar Cross

Cross of the Knights Templar

Knights Templar Cross

Founded as a religious order of warrior monks, it’s no surprise that the Cross is one of the famous symbols of the Knights Templar. The cross, predominantly red, symbolized the connection to church and their holy mission. Since the Knights were founded to protect the holy lands, the Cross was a symbol that they turned to for strength.



Knights Templar Symbol - Agnus Dei

Seal of the Knights Templar featuring the Lamb and Cross.

Lamb of God – Agnus Dei

Many Templars used the Lamb of God, or Agnus Dei, on their symbols. This symbol features a Lamb with a halo around it’s head, typically a cross in the background. The Lamb is symbolic of Jesus Christ and comes from when John the Baptist had baptized Jesus and proclaimed “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”



Knights Templar Seal

Knights Templar Seal featuring 2 Riders and the Dome of the Rock.

Two Knights on a Single Horse

The image comes from the idea that the Templars were sworn to poverty and could only afford a single horse for each 2 men. Although they were sworn to poverty, the Knights quickly accumulated wealth. The actual rules of the order forbid 2 knights from sharing a single horse and permit up to 3 horses per Knight. The symbol continued to be used despite the inaccurate nature of it’s beginnings.


Temple Mount Dome 

The “Dome of the Rock” is a shrine within Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Knights Templar had set up their headquarters there and believed it to be the site of the Temple of Solomon. The Dome is also said to be designed after the Holy Sepulcher, where Christians believe that Jesus died, was buried, and rose from the dead.

shop steroids onlineShield, Sword, Tabard

The Knights Templar wore their tabard along with a woven belt and never took either off as ordered during initiation. The tabard featured a red cross on a white background. This symbolized the Christian nature of The Order. Their swords also featured a cross on the hilt. Finally, the Knights carried long shields with a red cross painted on them as well.