Knights Templar Initiation

Knights Templar Initiation Prayer
The Knights Templar were founded as Christian warrior monks. The assumption, and most evidence, points to a solid Christian founding. The questioning comes into play from the secrecy of their rituals. There are many sources that claim to cite the Knights Templar initiation that make claims stemming from homosexual sodomy to satanic influence. The true initiation of new Knights was very simple. Candidates had to be in good health, owe no debt, and be unmarried. Furthermore, he could not be a member of any other order and be willing to accept a life of servitude. The initiation took place throughout several domed churches, like Temple Church in London, that all were built to replicate the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Christians believe that the Holy Sepulcher is the location where Jesus died, was buried, and rose from the dead.

Initiation Ceremony

The ceremony started with the Master Knight acknowledging that some have presented the candidate for initiation. The Master asks if there are any objections. It’s important to understand that these are equal parts warrior and monk, so having someone in the Knights Templar that wasn’t trusted by even a single knight was a big problem. The candidate is led to an adjoining room from the ceremony. He is approached by 3 of the senior members of the Knights Templar. They all give him some of the hardships and some of the expectations of the order. They ask if he still wishes to be admitted and confirm that he is unmarried, holds no debt, not associated with any other order, is in good health, and a free man. The candidate is led back to the ceremony as the 3 senior Knights tell that he is persistent in his desire to “become a slave to the order.”

Knights Templar Symbols Cross

Cross of the Knights Templar

The Grand Master tells the candidate that although he hopes to acquire pure blood horses, fine clothes, good food, and honorable companions, he doesn’t know the truly difficult the life of a Templar is. He then lists the difficulties of the Knights and asks the candidate to confirm that he is not joining to seek wealth or status. The candidate then reaffirms that he wishes to join The Knights Templar. All other Knights are given the opportunity to ask the candidate any questions before the oath is administered. The candidate vows to remain loyal to The Order and his brothers until the day he dies nor will he reveal any secrets of the Temple. The Grand Master then gives the new knight the Tabard of the Knights Templar and a woven belt, which he will never take off. He also gives the new Templar a kiss on the lips, neck, and belly. This is the portion of the ceremony that sparked the controversy that eventually led to the execution of Jacques De Molay and the final downfall for the Knights Templar.