Illuminati and New World Order Conspiracy

The largest theory behind the Illuminati’s secret working is the New World Order (NOW) theory. The idea suggests that the Illuminati’s main goal is not to create equality and spread knowledge, but rather to develop a single global government, for which Illuminati members are in control of.

Following the Illuminati’s demise in the late 1700s, a variety of politicians, religious leaders and individuals began to theorize on the group’s original purpose. In the aftermath of the French Revolution, which ran from 1789 to 1799, fingers pointed at the Illuminati’s involvement. These theorists suggested that the Illuminati was still alive, underground, plotting to overthrow governments in an effort to gain power.
all seeing eye
This suggestion of government upheaval has spiraled into a theory that the Illuminati were not only working to gain power of France or Europe, but of the entire world, including global markets, economies and the daily lives of individuals worldwide.

It is now believed by many that since the French Revolution, the Illuminati has gained power and controls all governments (especially that of the United States). The entertainment industry and news media are considered brainwashing machines, working to convince the masses that the Illuminati’s secret workings (as performed by politicians, leaders and others in power) are truthful, beneficial and not at all harmful to the public. Those involved in both industries are supposedly completely aware of the “real truth,” that the Illuminati exists and dominates the world, or are used as pawns to spread the Illuminati’s secret mission.

Supposed involvement of affluent families, such as the Carnegies, Rothchilds and Rockefellers indicates, according to New World Order theory, that global trading markets and international banking is not only owned and managed by the Illuminati, but purposefully modified to cause pre-determined events. Some theorists consider the 2008 economic decline in the United States to be an Illuminati planned economic decline.

As a part of New World Order theory, it is believed that governmental agencies, social fraternities in both colleges and non-collegiate clubs and other organizations belong to the rule of the Illuminati. It is suggested that these organizations work to further Illuminati message and membership, while creating additional revenue for members of the order.

The Illuminati symbol of the pyramid and All-Seeing Eye is used by New World Order to explain the Illuminati-created social hierarchy. The “ignorant” masses are placed at the bottom of the pyramid, in the largest section. Moving upwards are more weathly individuals, and as the pyramid scales, Illuminati involved members are placed at the top, ruling each section below.