Illuminati Conspiracy Theories

Beyond the New World Order Conspiracy Theory, the Illuminati are supposedly behind several U.S. and international events. While a myriad of conspiracy theories exist regarding the Illuminati’s workings, these are most commonly repeated or elaborated on by secret society researchers.

French Revolution

In accordance with New World Order, some attribute the French Revolution to the Illuminati, suggesting it was the first of many global power grabs. Supposedly, the French Revolution was planned and instigated by the Illuminati, in an effort to sweep the government and place enlightened Illuminati members in its place. The theory of the Revolution involvement began after the revolutions conclusion in the late 18th century, when religious leaders, politicians and scholars began exploring the upheaval’s spark. Despite the Illuminati’s disbanding prior to the start of the French Revolution, theorists at the time believed that an underground, thriving Illuminati plotted the event, and would create additional coups to obtain global power.


As part of New World Order, many theorists believe that the assassinations of political figures can be attributed to the Illuminati. The deaths of Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Princess Diana have been attributed to the Illuminati. Removal – by death – of these influential leaders allows the Illuminati to further its suggested mission of world dominance.

Celebrity deaths

Many celebrities have been linked to the Illuminati through use of hand symbols, apparel, music lyrics and other suggested items. Various Illuminati researchers believe the group requires blood or human life sacrifices to activate membership; for a celebrity to reach fame and household name status, they must turn over a friend or family member to receive Illuminati benefits.

The inclusion of celebrities in the Illuminati not only includes those living stars, but many who are dead. Other celebrity theories suggest the Illuminati assassinates talented stars who refuse to spread the Order’s message. The deaths of musicians Buddy Holly, Aaliyah, Otis Reading, Kurt Cobain and Patsy Cline are supposedly staged accidents, created by the angered Illuminati.