The Illuminati

The Illuminati Overview

Perhaps one of the most well known secret societies, the Illuminati are regularly referred to and poked at in pop culture and media. Originally founded in 1776 in Bavaria (and disbanding soon after), discussion of the supposedly hidden Illuminati has continued for nearly two and a half centuries.

Ideas of the Illuminati’s mission have drastically changed from its founding during the 18th century. Many historians suggest the group’s initial goals were to combat prejudice, campaign for women’s equality and education, and point out religious and governmental abuses of the time.

Today, other interpretations of the group’s purpose suggest a reach for power over mass populations, the creation of one global governing power and involvement in demonic activities (such as human blood sacrifices, heathen recruitment and stealing souls).

A variety of well known celebrities have been rumored to be part of the modern day Illuminati, and conspiracy theories about their involvement, symbolism, and underlying mission stretch far and wide.