Illuminati Symbols

A variety of symbols are attributed to the Illuminati. In pop culture, many of these symbols are considered “shout outs;” symbols used by celebrities to secretly tout the unknowing of their involvement with the Illuminati.

The Owl

owl insigniaThe owl can be found in Greek and Roman literature as belonging to Athena (or Minerva). Suggesting wisdom and knowledge, the symbol is supposedly used to convey the infinite intelligence the Illuminati holds. Celebrities such as rapper Drake and singer Justin Beiber both are inked with owl tattoos, which some say suggests their involvement in the order.

The All-Seeing Eye

all seeing eyeFound on the U.S. dollar bill, the All-Seeing Eye is considered the most commonly used and recognized sign of the Illuminati. Featuring a human eye watching from the top of a pyramid (another suggested Illuminati symbol), the image suggests the ability to see and control all events and happenings. Found in ancient Egyptian culture, the symbol also suggests the power of royalty. A hand signal often used by musicians Jay-Z and Beyonce is rumored to be representing the All-Seeing Eye, and used to showcase their involvement with the Illuminati. The eye may sometimes also take the form of a reptile eye, as both symbols can be used interchangeably.

The Pyramid

Also featured on U.S. currency, the pyramid is considered an Illuminati symbol. It is suggested that the pyramid explains the Illuminati’s hierarchy – the narrow top portion representing the few enlightened members, the bottom representing the masses of the world unknown of ruling factors. The middle section of the pyramid represents the flow from the bottom of the pyramid to the top, suggesting that others may be able to be a part of the order if (an upward movement).


pentagramThe Pentagram is often attributed to a variety of groups with supposed links to demons, the underworld and evil. The Illuminati are one of those groups, and the symbol suggests members’ involvement with the devil. As the U.S. capitol city of Washington D.C. features a pentagram in its street design around government buildings, it is believed by many that the government is under the Illuminati’s control. 

Other symbols are attributed to use by the Illuminati, though other groups purportedly use them. The Bellamy Salute, or better known as the Nazi Salute,” the devil’s horns hand symbol often used by fans of some heavy metal genres, and the skull.

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