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Secret Societies have forever been a part of human existence. Feeling a sense of belonging to a group is a key part of human evolution. We have an emotional attachment to our family, our group of friends, and our co-workers. It is human nature to want to share affection with others. After all, that belonging-ness is what enabled Humans to survive as early nomadic tribes. It is a strong piece of self preservation. If you were not part of a group, you couldn’t depend on others to help hunt, gather food, or help protect you from predators. It was – belong to a group and live, or try life on your own and die. The understanding that humans have a psychological need to belong that comes from years of evolution.  This understanding makes it more likely for participation within Secret Societies.

Secret Societies – Rites of Passage

Secret Society Rite of Passage

Graduation Ceremony as a Ritual Rite of Passage

A Secret Society is any group that keeps some or all of their activities within their members only. They maintain their secrets as a large part of their identity and may even conceal their existence to non-members. Many secret societies have their own teachings, rituals, and life lessons. Some secret societies have their own ulterior motives, such as acquiring power, wealth, and prestige. Secret Societies also fulfill another psychological need – rites of passage. Rites of passage are events that mark a person’s movement from one stage in life to another. Examples include getting your drivers license, becoming a parent, and puberty. Often times, Rites of Passage include their own rituals, such as Weddings, Quinceañera, and religious confirmation. Many Secret Societies also have their own initiation rituals, which serve as rites of passage clearly marking the life of the member before and during admission to the society. These rituals greatly increase the psychological feelings of group attraction and make the society stronger as a whole.

This website aims to reveal some of the secrets of the most famous Secret Societies. The purpose is to further understand the motives of the groups and their members. All opinions presented are mine and all research has been conducted by me. All information presented on this website has been gathered through standard research methods. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I hope you enjoy the website as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. Thank you for visiting.