The Bilderberg Group

Every year, a group of the world’s most powerful Politicians, Businessmen, and Scholars meet in private. No notes or agendas are published and no press is allowed. They call themselves “The Bilderberg Group.” The group started in 1954 when Anti-Americanism was starting to take hold in Western Europe. Józef Retinger, Polish politician, and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands invited 50 representatives from 11 Western European countries and 11 representatives from the United States. The original meeting was so successful, that a Steering Committee was selected to maintain the list of attendees and to plan an annual meeting. The group takes it’s name from the hotel of the first meeting in 1954. The first meeting in America was held in 1957 in Georgia at the cost of $30,000, roughly $250,000 adjusted for inflation, paid for by The Ford Foundation.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands - Bilderberg Founder

Bilderberg Group Founder – Prince Bernhard of Netherlands

The group is comprised of roughly 150 people from Western Europe and North America who attend this 3 day meeting by invite only. Some past members include Bill Clinton, Ben Bernanke, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Tim Geithner, Rupert Murdoch, Angela Merkel, and Alan Greenspan. Groups as the IMF, Federal Reserve, Trilateral Commission, and World Bank are always very well represented. The overall theme of this group can be summed up in a quote from Amschel Rothschild. He said “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” That is the purpose of the Bilderberg Group. They conspire to keep their economic and corporate power and have the military might to do so. It is a private club where the most powerful people in the world interact, without concern for their public image, and discuss everything from running wars to financial markets. The Bilderberg Group is the most powerful Secret Society that exists today.

Józef Retinger - Bilderberg Group Founder

Bilderberg Group Founder Józef Retinger

The Bilderberg Group consists of a Steering Committee that makes the decision on who to invite to the meeting. Invited members are not allowed to bring any guests and any security detail they require must eat in a separate hall and are not allowed to attend the meetings. Invitees consist of 50 Political figures and 100 others from finance, industry, academia, communications, and labor. The most important rule of the Bilderberg Group is secrecy. Any discussions about what happens in the meeting are strictly forbidden. Like any other secret though, details do get out. Not all meetings end with consensus, but the participants are always open and honest.